The Rainbow Graph

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The Rainbow Graph helps you to visualize peer assessment scores of your class and identify submissions that are scored with high disagreements by their reviewers. This graph is simply a bar graph. Each student is represented by a column, and the height of the column is determined by that student’s “primary-value” entry. Think of “primary-value” as their overall aggregate score. This isn’t calculated by the web service but rather is provided by you. Each of these columns consists of a number of smaller elements stacked together. These elements refer to the individual scores that student received from other peers in a peer review session. Some students may have more “values” than other students and that’s OK. The overall column height will always be drawn such that its height corresponds to the “primary-value” provided by you. Click here to learn more about the Rainbow Graph.

Drop your peer assessment data files here or click to upload them
Currently we support peer assessment data files from the following systems:
CPR (*.csv), Perceptive/Sword (*.xls), MobiusSLIP (*.xlsx)
If you have other data files that you'd like us to support, please email fferry[at]

Your Rainbow Graph can be accessed through the following URLs