Automatic summarization

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Enter a JSON Configuration that contains comments to summarize
(See this documentation to learn how the configuration file should look like, or check the example below)

Choose an algorithm   select the length of the summary 


Example of JSON configuration

        "sentences": [
            "No specific procedures were described, and no measurement of the mass of reagent is listed. This reads more like a general description of how to perform the experiment. It does not include any calculations to prove that a 2.00*^-4 M solution with an inherent error of 1% can be produced.",
            "The procedure does not outline a beginning value for NaCl. While it does pay attention to steps in the dilution procedures, it fails to account for error in the equipment.",
            "First, the person used a dye to mix his or her solution, so it didn't even use the correct solute. However, this person has the right idea of diluting the solutions 3 times to achieve an inherent error of less than 1%."